Art Director Per-Ole Lind, portrait20+ years creativity. Hi. My name is Per-Ole Lind. I’m an Art Director. I design and direct in order to help clients create.

Craftsmanship and innovation. Great design grows from solid roots in tradition and a constant drive for innovation. It’s not only about the skills or the idea. It takes both.

Design process. Ideas don’t pop out of thin air. Research, dialogue and relationship are all crucial to creative development. Let the best ideas win.

Working the angles. I do not perceive myself as a modern designer. That often surprises people, but I honestly believe that principles for balanced aesthetics predates the enlightenment. (It possibly predates the Greeks too, but that’s another story). The challenge is to work in the cross-field of tried-and-tested and raw-and-inventive. The now hovers between past and future, so to speak.

How does that look? Please browse through my work and let me know what you think. Often, I tend to work with recognizable formats and surprising details. I intentionally explore contrasts, to communicate as clearly and approachable, without patronizing. As Chip Kidd once was told: “Never put an orange on the cover of a book about oranges”. Your audience is (hopefully) quite smart.

Where I’m from. In 1992 I founded a Copenhagen magazine with Søren Heuseler. In ’98 I started my own studio (“P.O. Design”), making book covers, board games, record covers, and logo designs. In 2005, I headed for Japan and did package design, magazine redesign and customer relation tools. In 2010, I sat up studio in Tennessee.

Mountain Studio. These days, I’m working from an old cow-barn turned Chalet in the Swiss alps. (Past Montreux and up the hill a bit).

What’s in it for you? You work directly with the designer. From idea-development to execution. I include you in the design process, by constantly updating what I call a ProDoc (Process/Project document), where I throw in scribbles and sketches, research and mood-boards. That not only gives you a chance to look over my shoulder, it opens up for feedback from you and your partners. I get to know where you’re at – what you know, feel and think – as we go.

Transparency might sound like a turtle, but to my experience it tends to help avoiding noise and clutter. At times, it can direct the process in the right direction faster. And that beats a rabbit any day.

Please get in touch here, or pop by my LinkedIn here, for more info.