Carols and …


Challenge: Create a poster on the excerpt from a Christmas hymn: “Far as the curse is found”

Take II: “As far as East is from West” no longer seems that far … Why not include the whole universe, utilizing a pop-culture reference?

Eleanor Kilpatrick and Matt Grimsley from Redeemer, Knoxville had no hesitation: “We love it!”. Oh, the joy to work with clients with courage and wit!

The project included Concept, Poster, Flyer, Brochure template, digital – and tickets:


A colleague of mine responded: “The Force is strong with this one”

Victorian Typograffiti

“Lind’s design turned out to be perfect in all kinds of unexpected ways”

Metro Pulse, July 24, 2013


Design Contest: Create an interstate mural design with clear regional and historical references.

Rephrase: Design iconic logotypes for the surrounding neighborhoods using South Eastern wood block typeface and Victorian colors and wood cut illustration.

Conceptual presentation:

3D-test-2b 3D-test-1b

It’s a Community thing: More than 70 volunteers from the surrounding neighborhoods made the artwork come alive:

Knox-6thAveMural OldNorth-6thAveMural

The finished result:

Parkridge-Done4th&Gill-done Knox-done OldNorth-done

As covered in the press:

Eleanor Scott in MetroPulse

Terry Shaw for Knox News

Photo: Knoxville Mayor visits

Amy McRary in Knoxnews

Letter from a resident – MetroPulse

Visit Knoxville

Official FB page – see the whole process

Major Player

Only 3 months after starting my own Studio in 1998, I was broke. My charming but krone-munching Alfa Bertone was undermining my oatmeal budget. Then, a former colleague from Euroman walked in the door: “P.O.! You’re going to design books now!”

Books? Why not? Perhaps books could be the next big thing after magazines? Sure enough. The first attempt turned into a breaking bestseller. 50.000 copies in one month is considerate for a non-fiction book in Denmark.

It also turned into a contract-nightmare, that luckily was saved by decent paperwork. But that don’t exactly establishes a long-lasting client relationship, does it? Well, this one did. Not only was I on board for redesigning all book lines for Business Publisher Børsens for lag, I was also called in, when CEO Karsten Blauert was called to Major Publisher Politikens Forlag, where I redesigned (almost) all book lines, produced more than 400 covers and some perk-friendly cookbooks. And then, this little “P” that is to be found on the spine of at least one book in any household in Denmark.

Rock Encyclopedia, Politikens Forlag

“Per-Ole was able to set a new graphic standard, which is still outstanding”. Karsten Blauert, CEO JP/Politiken Publishers Ltd.

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