Reliable ID

How to design a logo for a brand that specializes in property protection?

Not much room for flourescent colors and trendy typeface there. What you want is solid, trustworthy and four-wheel driven.










A favorite classic typeface of mine would shape the main letters. (Notice the curves in the S correspond with the C). The sans serif PROTECT was redrawn to stand stronger and tighter. (Notice how the last T has it’s left wing is shortened).

A well-balanced mini site with slides, animation and retina-ready details, got the company of to a decent start.

CSI-Logo long version


Logotype, long version.


CSI colors-1

Color palette.

The project included brand-questionnaire, drafts for taglines, various drafts for icons and logotypes, gradually presented in a progress transparent document.

Danish Furniture

The brief: Provide a concept that promotes Danish Furniture intuitively displaying the new generation of Danish furniture designers.

Problem: The contemporary Danish furniture designers are standing in the shadow of the mid century masters.

Rephrase: Design a poster that weaves in the new generation with the old in an integrated visual language.


To keep things simple we decided on crisp outline illustration plus pop art-inspired graphics. The portraits were hand drawn in nearly full size to provide richness in the detail and poster-size optical impact.


QR codes ensured high user interactivity and traceable user data.

Danish Furniture Poster

Client: The Royal Danish Embassy, Tokyo.

The Poster in progress:

VW Japan

Art Directing for VW Japan:

“If I’m going to redo the magazine, I want a classic set-up: Gimme an art director and a lot of slack, and I’ll do it”. Editor in Chief Tatsuya Mizuno was to revitalize a magazine that was losing it’s impact. I was lucky to be around and be assigned.

The first thing we did, was to stop trying to make it look like a lifestyle magazine that had to involve cars all over the place. Instead, we decided to do a real Car magazine. But sincerely push the creative freedom a Customer Relation Tool allows to the limit, while being proud of the brand it represented. The result was the redesign of VIEW magazine. Our creative director returned satisfied from Wolfsburg, Germany. The magazine was internally displayed as an example to follow.

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“Per-Ore was a superb art director, came up with lots of new ideas … and creativity … He is also a good drinker”
Tatsuya Mizuno, Editor in Chief, VIEW Magazine, 2006

Carols and …


Challenge: Create a poster on the excerpt from a Christmas hymn: “Far as the curse is found”

Take II: “As far as East is from West” no longer seems that far … Why not include the whole universe, utilizing a pop-culture reference?

Eleanor Kilpatrick and Matt Grimsley from Redeemer, Knoxville had no hesitation: “We love it!”. Oh, the joy to work with clients with courage and wit!

The project included Concept, Poster, Flyer, Brochure template, digital – and tickets:


A colleague of mine responded: “The Force is strong with this one”

Big Green

“Make a green consultancy look like Wall Street”

Solution: Combine authority and approachability:



Tagline: “Green Energy without Red Numbers”

Updated tagline: “Greener Every Day” … The company soon included water-saving devices to their portfolio, why the tagline needed to get beyond “Energy” only.

Early process web draft:


Visit the website here

Ingsil Energy is a Green Consultancy Business, that specializes in guiding customers to save while going green. Ingsil Energy placed an order on a Brand Elements Package that includes research, questionnaire, creative process, icon and logotype design, web-site, mail graphics, business cards and digital letterhead.

Here’s how Ingsil Energy received the project 2.0:

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Lo-Fi Magazine


Challenge: Redesign a niche-magazine, while reducing costs.

Rephrase: Develop a recognizable style utilizing halftone, collage and high contrast illustration.

Reduce jacket costs by replacing 4-color with 2-color printing. Create surprising optical attraction, using unique color combinations and close crop composition.



Victorian Typograffiti

“Lind’s design turned out to be perfect in all kinds of unexpected ways”

Metro Pulse, July 24, 2013


Design Contest: Create an interstate mural design with clear regional and historical references.

Rephrase: Design iconic logotypes for the surrounding neighborhoods using South Eastern wood block typeface and Victorian colors and wood cut illustration.

Conceptual presentation:

3D-test-2b 3D-test-1b

It’s a Community thing: More than 70 volunteers from the surrounding neighborhoods made the artwork come alive:

Knox-6thAveMural OldNorth-6thAveMural

The finished result:

Parkridge-Done4th&Gill-done Knox-done OldNorth-done

As covered in the press:

Eleanor Scott in MetroPulse

Terry Shaw for Knox News

Photo: Knoxville Mayor visits

Amy McRary in Knoxnews

Letter from a resident – MetroPulse

Visit Knoxville

Official FB page – see the whole process

Design for a Champion


Karsten Blauert spotted Mette while she was still building her reputation at Cafe Glyptoteket in Copenhagen’s winter garden. Little did I know, that I was going to be involved in a cookbook that would flip things on the Danish dessert scene. Far less so, that I would be on a constant feed of giggles and delicacies for the next 3 months.


But that was not it. It was her personality. No photo shoot without cramps of laughter and red ears from the constant flow of tease from this remarkable connoisseur and European patisserie Champion. Even Mr. Blauert left crimson-cheeked every time. For the first book, we hired food photography master, Columbus Leth.


Remarkably, Mette returned to me 6 years later. I had been off the radar during my time in Tokyo. Now I was in Switzerland, breathing a bit. Still. She wanted me on board for her next book, despite sensible recommendations from editor Ulla Mervild. I was with Ulla. “Mette, I’m in the Alps, studying art theory, and … ” She responded: “I understand, if you don’t have time. But I want you on board. No discussion“.

I found time. It was a ride. The editor did a splendid job, despite my whereabouts. Highly acclaimed food photographer Lars Ranek did his magic.

Blomsterberg logo-2Blomsterberg logo-2

Logo, window-display and other elements soon followed.

Bag-3b copyBag-3 copy

Blomsterberg facade



Local Architect

Challenge: Design a logo for a professional that intends to bring classic principles back to Architecture.

Re-phrase: Make an iconic logo using ancient roman typeface and earthy colors. Use floor-plan inspired grid as framework.

Business cards: Espresso brown on unbleached vellum.