Perhaps, this question is not as straight forward as it sounds. Maybe a little clarification won’t hurt. “Never assume”, as designer Paul Smith says it.

“Graphic design … is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content” is how AIGA – the professional association of design – defines it. It is also well described as a process of visual communication and problem-solving through use of space, image, tyopgraphy and color.

A designer combines photos, illustration, symbols, typography and textual content, while adjusting various factors such as style, (cultural, historical, contemporary etc.) and composition (modern, classic, innovative etc.) in order to communicate the values of the project at hand and that of the brand in question.

A graphic designer’s most important task is to communicate and visualize what’s there. If he or she is doing magazines, the number one job, is to make the reader engage with the text, not the design. Too often, designers tend to push their own style, in order to market themselves. It’s a pity, but often related to creative work being pushed in the area of budget. If you are engaging with designers, dear reader, please treat them well (while you insist on the communication part).

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