How much? You don’t pay me pr hour or page. You pay for 20+ years of design insights. Sometimes, that means close to going rate, other times not. Premium quality might mean premium purchase, other times, it just means the right price.


Designers don’t like to talk about money. That’s fair. It’s not good business manners to do so. But without having an idea of a price range, it might be hard to find the right creative to team up with. I might scare you off. That’s not the intention. Please feel welcome. And also welcome to return, if you you burn your fingers elsewhere.

It needs to be said: You can find design cheaper out there. It’s really true. Designers hate to talk about it, but the web has changed how things go. You can easily find online services, where design students and laptop designers bids for projects. Which, on one hand is fine, since it has made low-cost designs look a whole lot better than it used to. On the other: There’s a lot of repetition out there. But if authenticity is less important, why bother?



In the 70’ies a head honcho of Carlsberg met with an estimated type designer for lunch. The manager explained an idea for a new product. The designer took a napkin and did a quick sketch. When the Carlsberg guy saw it, he was amazed: “That’s it! That’s exactly it!”. Talking about what to do next, Mr. Carlsberg was shocked when he heard the price. “But that only took you 30 seconds to make!” the designer replied: “You don’t pay me pr. minute, you pay me for 25 years of experience”.

A design project varies greatly in cost, depending on the size, type and variety of a project. A variable that at times surprises business partners is estimated exposure. The more work the design does, the higher the value.

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Here are a few prices to give you an idea:

Variables: scope, size, count, colors, exposure, and complexity

Identity Design (Branding, logo design): 2.000-20.000$ (Average 4.000$)

Book cover (Editorial design): 1.000-1.500$ (Average 1.200$)

Book cover (Commercial design) 1.500-2.000$

Book project (Art direction, cover and interior): 8-15.000$ (Average 12.000$)

Poster design: 1.500-5.000$ (Variables: Size, count, colors)

Digital design (Home page, apps): 2.000-8.000$ (Often 3.500$)

Flyer design: 500-1.500$ (Usually 800$)

Promotion video: 1.500-3.000$





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