Art Directing for VW Japan:

“If I’m going to redo the magazine, I want a classic set-up: Gimme an art director and a lot of slack, and I’ll do it”. Editor in Chief Tatsuya Mizuno was to revitalize a magazine that was losing it’s impact. I was lucky to be around and be assigned.

The first thing we did, was to stop trying to make it look like a lifestyle magazine that had to involve cars all over the place. Instead, we decided to do a real Car magazine. But sincerely push the creative freedom a Customer Relation Tool allows to the limit, while being proud of the brand it represented. The result was the redesign of VIEW magazine. Our creative director returned satisfied from Wolfsburg, Germany. The magazine was internally displayed as an example to follow.

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“Per-Ore was a superb art director, came up with lots of new ideas … and creativity … He is also a good drinker”
Tatsuya Mizuno, Editor in Chief, VIEW Magazine, 2006

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