I was thanking breath mints, heavy deodorant and other higher powers as I entered L’Oreal’s Tokyo offices. I was there in order to receive the brief for Shu Uemura’s summer collection: “Design iconic and minimalistic packaging inspired by Japanese summer greenery, peach and yuzu”. (Yuzu: Japanese citrus. Delicious)

In the taxi back to EAT studio, I scribbled a few fast strokes. Remarkably, I did not give much attention to these, until desperation kicked in around the 4th presentation.

I picked up the drafts, played with Japanese family crests and a silver pen.

After that, it was all production design. Very careful, considerate production design. And then some. Them Japanese. No one beats Japanese execution quality.

Oh, what joy to walk down Omotesando and watch the result in the Flagship Store window.

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