For Mazda Motor Company:

Before getting a G-mail account I had one of those “my-own-snazzy-mail-address” accounts, that only was as cool as the amount of spam it could reject. On the verge of deleting one of those mails saying “Are you interested in …” I stopped and paused for a second: It was in Norwegian … Why would anyone spam me with jobs in Japan – in Norwegian?

Soon, I joined Kei Grieg Toyomasu and the Redwood staff in Harumi, providing on-brand spread and magazine designs for Zoom Zoom magazine, Australia and New Zealand edition.

Yes, I’ll confess: I’m a big train nerd. But never have I been as excited as when I took the train to Hiroshima to meet the Mazda staff. And I’ve never looked at Miata’s again the same way.

(Sad, but relevant: 6 months later, the financial crisis hit, forcing Japanese car companies to put a halt to their long-term Customer Relation activities, including Mazda).

“Per-Ole is not afraid to speak up when he sees room for improvements and he has a high integrity to the quality of what he delivers”
Kei Grieg Toyomasu, Head of International Clients, Proximity Japan / Redwood Japan

“Per-Ole was a blessing to Zoom-Zoom … He hit the ground running”
Silvina Penovi, Brand Development Manager, Mazda Motor Company

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