Just as I was considering a return to Copenhagen, publisher Jesper Bove-Nielsen approached me with an opportunity to rebrand his newly acquired Libris Forlag – from within. Gradually shaping the look and design of books and instruction manuals while getting to know the brand from the core.


Jesper asked me: “Remember that Pet Shop Boys album with the colors on it? … That’s the kind of simplicity I want”. Soon the bold, colorful Libris Stripes were born. Following came a brand manual incorporating logo, visuals, typeface families  and holistic composition standards ready for a design team to engage in.

Icon and logotype design:

“P.O. is a rare, old-scool/high-quality designer who understands that design and business results go hand in hand” Jesper Bove-Nielsen, CEO/Publisher, Libris Media

Digi-Strategi-3DBranding-Packshot-2 iPad-3D innovation  Lion-3D Hildebrandt-3D Office-3D Smiley-3D SEO-white

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