I had put my wild years at Torpedo Magazine behind me and was trying to convince myself that Advertising was alright. Thankfully, Morten Linck called me for lunch only three weeks into that bad idea. Digesting my portfolio, he responded: “All the spreads you’ve shown … Some of them are a bit … But no, I would be ready to print them all in Euroman”. That was the moment I received my graduation papers – street style.

Euroman was an amazing place to work. Even though the Linck brothers already then had a spotty reputation, I couldn’t care less. Creative director Morten Linck was passionate about his work. Always gracious when it came to let the best idea win. Ideas was what brought home the awards. Portray the investigative journalist in combat and climbing gear on a backdrop of the next big scoop. Dress the prime candidate for the conservative party as James Bond. It was all about the idea.

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“Per-Ole joined the Euroman team and quickly became the leading design-figure: Shaping and defining the style of the magazine” Mads Christensen, Fashion Director, 1998.

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