Per-Ole, we’re going to do some Danish Bacon!” The brief was clear, well documented and concise: “Express the quality and high standard of Danish food produce”. But there was more to it. “We need to get the export profiles on board”. Major players. This was before the landslide started by Claus Meyer and René Redzepi, mind you.

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Pink slices of bacon, Bill Board size? I didn’t think so either. This one was tricky. How to show produce and purity in an aesthetically balanced manner? Consider the audience, the client and the industry? I got to work. I failed. I failed again. The ambassador got on board. New angles. New perspectives. Dead ends in all directions.


We did have something. We had embraced the complexities of the project. We knew which toes not to step on. We located the problems. We rephrased the brief. Soon, I had food photographer Columbus Leth on the phone, who I knew from Blomsterberg’s first cookbook. Sure enough, he was deep in the Organic demand. His perspective and sense of light and composition was exactly what we had been looking for.

All we needed from then on was solid graphics and an icon to set it in stone. (Finally, an excuse to use that awesome weapon shield!)

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