“What are we doing for Christmas, then?” I asked Kasper, as we ran through the sketches. “Why, an Advent Calendar, off course … nicely pumped with interactivity, so folks can win Christmas-pressies clicking their cellphones”. Bam! … Done. The rest would just be the usual pine decor and a few Christmas gnomes. Right?

The advent calendar with all sponsor presents displayed
The advent calendar with all sponsor presents displayed

Not so. A sharp client with a one-of-a-kind media – The embassy front in fashionable Daikanyama, Tokyo – demanded more than commercial clichés. On a visit to Copenhagen I spend an afternoon in the Central Library, researching like a Nisse on pills. I had a marker: My Grandmothers box of Christmas decor, neatly decorated with traditional Danish seasonal stamps.

With that box in mind, I dug in. I came home with an erray of papercrafts, fairies, gnomes (Nisser), snowlandscapes, advent-tales, HC Andersen paper-cuts, hymns, drawings, a pipe, postcards, letters, Her Royal Highness on a Christmas stamp and more things humming Danish Christmas. Plus a few recipes, I have to admit: Danish Christmas roast is no joke to perfect.

But how to embrace all that into one, distinct expression? … I needed icons. Sharp, yet warm. I called Ulla Puggaard, Master of delicate simplification. We put in the ingredients, carefully following the recipe. We filtered, added spice to the creative process and let it sit for a bit. We called in the chef, added more Snaps, then Tested, fine-tuned and pressed print.

A contemporary, tradition-bringing Christmas countdown was born.


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